Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ug... so yesterday sucked a lot. Mostly cause i was worried about my mom really. This whole car thing we both have been fighting with has been a head ache. Then she got something in the mail from the IRS saying she owes them $12,000. Which is a lot.. and anyone getting that in the mail would freak out! That is actually my worst nightmare. The IRS being after me. I don't fuck with that shit. Anywho.. She didn't get as upset as i thought. And we figured out the problem. She got stocks that year, and she added it in with her taxes for that year. And at the end you have to totally your entire yearly amount. Well they took her total amount (with the stock money she added it) and said -that- was her normal yearly income, and that she never added in the stocks money.. So they added it in and said she made $27,000 more, and that she never paid taxes on that extra money. So SOMEWHERE, something got mixed up. But she has all the paperwork for it. I was actually impressed. She pulled out folders with -everything- from 2007 with her taxes and what she got, and the stocks money. So hopefully it can get fixed!!! I was just worried she was going to just lose it. I mean the car loan thing was a headache.. but the IRS wanting money, now thats just UGGGGG... Its one thing when you know you might owe money for some weird bill. But to get hit twice with suprises like that for such large amounts of money, would send anyone over the edge. More so when you are butt fucking broken and don't have that money.

Anyways. So yesterday sucked. Today seems better. I will work on my commissions and things. Im still talking things out with the Clubstripes people. I hope i can draw for them! ::crosses fingers:: I lost the stamp job mostly because commications sucked. They needed the pictures fast, and never told me that. So i was squeezing them in between my other deadlined works.. ah well. Back to commissions!