Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Night time update.

Well.. it seems i lost the scrap booking stamp thing. Oh well. The communication for that was kind of uncomfortable. But its annoying when you try to be up front and honest and keep clients up to date with things, and they come back at you with "You don't seem interested" If i wasn't.. then i wouldn't have taken the job in the first place. Maybe im just to overly worried about things.. So i always re-ask the client about any projects or commissions.. just in case they might want something changed. I've been at the wrong end of that and NOT re-asked and had to them suffer through making changes. Maybe that makes me look like i don't care because i always re-ask, but there is a reason for it. People change their minds all the time. I make sure they still want what was agreed on, if some time has passed since i got that information. Its so the client gets exactly what they did pay for. Oh well.. leaves me with more time to work on Hardblush stuff and commissions. Just finished one! But i need the ok from the person before i can post it. ummm Here was something i drew for Onta for his birthday!! hahhaha

Fun stuff. Since i had to wipe my comp not too long ago.. all my other sketches are on CDs.. So i don't have as much on this hard drive yet to post. I will have to dig up some stuff soon to post commission progress sketches and what not!