Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun stuff!

Yaaay! fixed the header. haha now it doesn't look like Kayi is drooling. heehe..! So fun and exciting news! I -may- be getting to work at Clubstripes! With Miu, Midori, and other amazing artists!!! Its another paid website for art, but still! Its an awesome opportunity! and i get to draw ladies again!!! Hot damn!!!!!!! Im mega excited!

Um.. art wise.. lets see what i can find to post. I can show a snipit of the new HB picture i just finished. I am working on some stamps that i am doing for a card/scrapbooking website. I am not aloud to post those.. for legal reasons.. but its another thing that is taking up my time as well. Plus coloring for other artists. Fun fun fun!

I will look more for commission sketches and what not. For now.. time to go get something to eat! and take.. meds.. yaay being a girl ROCKS! ......... ::dryly::


Kina said...

AH! CLub Stripes no way! Congrats!! <3 And yay for drawing girlies again, that's always a plus :) I'm excited for ya!